One comment on “Cape Cod Lawn Fertilizer Compromise

  1. Rob Moir on ·

    You step us through the science and practice of using slow-release or timed nitrogen very well in a most engaging way. I wish you had taken a look at the sand below Phil’s lawn after the water insoluble fertilizer was applied. Was the nitrogen level really about a third of what it was with the water soluble fertilizer? It should be, unless the spreader was adjusted between applications. Given the ease of spreading too much fertilizer, I worry about the benefits being negated by the application.
    There is also a widely held impression that with the WIN it will take days maybe weeks after application to get the luscious dense green turf that Thurman (not Kate) so loves to roll in. Few people are as thoughtful of their neighbor’s interests as was Phil. More explanation on how WIN benefits Phil would help to inspire more usage of WIN on the Cape. I will continue to drink the tap water and wish our shores were not so slimy from nitrogen-nutrient loading. To improve our bays, inlets, and shores, I believe we will need to modify some practices on the land. Surely, we can have green lawns and cleaner shores.

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