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  1. Annemarie Whilton on ·

    My husband saw a mountain lion today on our drive home from the Cape. It crossed two cars in front of us on Route 6, Brewster. It was fast, lithe, strong and cat like. It was NOT a coyote or a fox or a fishercat. It was huge. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

  2. Elizabeth Egloff on ·

    I saw a mountain lion in Woods Hole in the late summer of 2010. I was standing on a porch, and watched it trot along a high cement wall (10 feet high), beside a house that at the time, had 2 small dogs inside. The mountain lion was enormous, and had a long tail, and was unmistakably a mountain lion. I got laughed at by all my relatives, but I saw what I saw.

  3. I live in Amherst Massachusetts. Two weekends ago I was at a barbecue about a mile away, and be excited topic of conversation was two Mountain lion lion sightings in that neighborhood by two separate neighbors. Then yesterday I was traveling a perpendicular street and a very strange looking large cat crossed in front of my car. I have seen large bobcat before and this was not a bobcat. It had a very lithe way of moving and had a long tail, with a puma-like face and dark, mottled fur. It was about four times the suze of a housecat.

  4. Marie DeMember on ·

    Spotted a mountain lion August 3, 2015 in Clinton Massachusetts at the Woodlands at 7:15pm by 4 adults

  5. Andriy on ·

    At 3 a.m. 07.09.2015 in Brewster MA , I was playing game on my IPad and I was starting to hear some crazy scream outside of the house. The scream was closer and closer and when it reached my house door, I took flash light and opened the door and in next second I saw a big cat. The cat was still screaming and after like two minutes just walked away. Next day I went to work and asked the native Cape Coders (I am not from Cape) what tipe of cats they have on Cape Cod ( I described what cat I saw ) and they said it could be bobcat or fisher cat. So I went home and started my research in internet. After couple of youtub videos I was sure that I saw a mountain lion and I thought it’s normal for Cape Cod. Next day I went to work and shared my research, but to my surprise everybody was laughing from me and all native Cape Coders told me : there is not such thing like a mountain lion on Cape Cod…
    But I know what I saw and if I knew that to see mountain lion on Cape it is like to see an alien, I should take my phone and make a video of that mountain lion…

  6. Carol on ·

    Some years back (late 90s) on Route 44 in CT a mountain lion or cougar or catamount (known by several names) crossed in front of a Texas pick-up truck which my car was following. It was around 9:30 PM on a Father’s Day. I clocked the distance and went back to the area in daylight and found a steep path off the road. A fox was going up the same path with a small animal in its mouth. Since then I have gathered sightings of mountain lions in and around the Monterey, MA area in which I live. There have been several. I have seen footprints in the snow at the Appalachian trail where it goes north of Route 23 near my home. I consider myself an accurate observer of wildlife and am sure of my identification. The one I saw was about 120 lbs., had a long sweeping tail and a deep chested body. I did not see the head but believe what I saw was enough for an accurate identification. There is more to my story and I would be glad to talk with someone and provide more information. If I am emailed I would give out my telephone number.Carol, 1/19/15

  7. Mike on ·

    I was delivering newspapers on Ship Pond Rd. in Plymouth, Ma (a dirt road with miles of forest surrounding it), and I most definitely saw a Mountain Lion. It had to be over 100 lbs. It ran right in front of my car. I thought I was going crazy until I found this website. They’re out there.

  8. I just heard on the news that a mountain lion sighting has not been confirmed in Massachusetts since 1885. I wish I had known this when I saw one in Stockbridge, MA in the early Spring of 1997. It was at the intersection of 183 and 102, right near the Norman Rockwell Museum. I was driving slowly on 183 because there was a light snow falling and the road was slick. I was about 1/4 mile from 102 when something caught my eye near the side of the road, just at the start of the tree line. Because of the pure white fresh snow covering the ground and a lack of leaves on the trees and no underbrush it was easy to see a brown mountain lion. I watched it as it slinked down and headed for deeper woods. It turned and looked at me a couple of times as I had stopped my car to watch it.

  9. Carol Ann on ·

    I had lived on a remote property in Hanover near the Norwell line off East St. In 2009 one evening at dusk, l was looking out a second story window onto the backyard (which bordered private heavily wooded land) & noticed a large cat with long tail slinking up a ridge adjacent to my backyard chainlink fence. Unfortunately due to it being dusk I could not determine color as it appeared black like a silhouette. Size-wise it was as big as lengthwise than my very large 110 lb golden retriever. The thing that stood out in my mind was the way it walked and the long thin tail. One other weird incident that I recall preceding this sighting a couple years earlier was one night hearing what was probably a deer being killed. I heard it wailing/grunting in distress for about 15 minutes out in the woods beside the house. From my experience living there I know it was not a coyote kill as they do a group kill with lots of yelping/baying. This presumed kill was done by a solitary animal, I wanted to explore the woods where i had heard the sounds coming from for tracks the next day but was too scared the animal may still be lurking nearby to finish feeding.

  10. Peter Damon on ·

    I found this post while doing a Google search on mountain lion sightings in Southeastern MA.On Christmas Eve 2007 I saw a very large cat-like animal quietly come stalking out of the tree line and very stealthily walk across my back yard in South Middleboro, MA only to leap over a stone wall and back into the woods. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind what it was. It was NOT a bobcat. It was NOT a coyote. It was NOT a fisher cat. It was NOT a stray cat. IT WAS A MOUNTAIN LION! For the last 5 years I’ve been hesitant to even mention it to any one outside my immediate family for the obvious reason that they’d think I was a fool. However, I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods in my younger days stalking all sorts of wildlife and I know what I saw. It has only been recently, when I heard of the CT cougar that was struck by a car that I am now 100 percent certain that these animals exist in Massachusetts as well.

  11. Mary Ellen on ·

    On January 2, 2013 I was driving home to southern NH from Boston during typical evening rush hour although traffic was oddly light that night. It was approx 6pm, it was dark out when I was exiting off 95south onto 3north around Burlington,MA. As I am about to merge onto 3 I am in the right lane & just happen to be looking to the right side when I saw a mountain lion. Definitely a mountain lion not a bobcat or any other wild mammal species. There was no confusing what it was. By the time I got ” Oh my God” out of my mouth I had passed him or her. I couldn’t have been the only one to see it that night. I immediately became concerned the cat was going to try to cross the 6 lane highway in commuter traffic at night heading west. But I haven’t heard any news that a mountain lion was hit since then, thank God! It was definitely a gift to briefly see that unmistakable cat!

  12. Bill Kasper on ·

    My wife ran ino a mountain lion or something similar this morning at 7:30 am in Orleans. Walking our 35 lb door this cat appears much larger maybe 60 lbs

    Stared her and our dog down and then took off… Wish we had a camera. verified with images from the interned

    She is still shaking

    Bill Kasper

  13. Rebecca hudson on ·

    I absolutely believe you. I know they are in this area. Perhaps in small numbers, but there are some here for sure! About two years ago, in Plymouth, ma, Where I reside, I had an experience that I will never, ever forget. It shook me to my core and literally divided my life into two: before and after. Ever since, I have been utterly captivated by this subject matter and I hope that in my lifetime, much like wolves were proven to be in western mass and bobcats and bears in this area, (when also during my life, their existence in these areas were refuted), I hope that mountain lions will be confirmed in this region as well. Because as I’m sure you have experienced, there is a great deal of skepticism around this idea and the general attitude towards such a notion isn’t always a welcomed one. But much like you… I know what I saw and definitely know what I heard…and nothing will ever convince me otherwise.

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