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  1. Don Arthur on ·


    What a well written and inspiring piece! I agree with the importance of accompanying walkers for the same reasons. I started my golfing experience as a walker when barely able to do so as a toddler. I walked the course with my father until taking the big step… carrying his clubs as a caddie and watching him hit the big ones. He was a scratch golfer and club champion. I was in awe and never thought I could match the grace of his swing. Indeed, I was only able to better his score once – and had to break par to do it.

    There’s truly something special about a golf course. Its smell is unique and able to instantly transport one back to more youthful times. The views are magnificent and each course has its own birds that call to give the unique flavor of the round. And there’s nothing quite like seeing a golf ball spring from a well swung club face and arch toward the waiting flag. The rest of the world and all its challenges fade in such circumstances!

    Finally, I believe there is one additional reason for allowing walkers. There are times when the sense of family, personal connection, and love bring people together in ways that make them inseparable. Walking the course with my wife when she’s not also playing is a time for us to be together and enjoy the relaxation and warm feelings which come with a round of golf. “A good walk spoiled” John Feinstein said… well, not if you’re with someone you care about more than anything else in the world.

    I dearly missed playing with you that day. But Mary and I had a good time at our home course. Together.

    Let’s make plans to play soon… at our family friendly course!


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