2 comments on “Golf range tee overview

  1. Ray Richard on ·

    Hi Richard,
    Glad you enjoy Richardgolf.com! In the Northeast, we call a 70/30: 70 percent sand and 30 percent soil. We have plenty of nice percky sand and topsoil and the 70/30 provides plenty of organic material without being too loamy and prone to compaction. Others go with an 80% sand and 10% loam. Another point, you may want to test the loam before you mix it with sand, I once had a batch test loam tested and it came through with little organic. The lab called it loamy sand (not sandy loam), and if I mixed it at a 70/30 ratio I would have had 98% sand and 2% loam.

    Ray Richard

  2. Richard Heskett on ·

    Hi, You note a 70/30 blended tee mix. Are you talking about a topsoil/sand ratio. I am in the begining phase of developing a driving range in south central KS and have enjoyed your posts.

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