2 comments on “Tee rebuilding-Part 1-project overview

  1. Ray Richard on ·


    I’ll post a sketch when I get a minute. Here’s a few points to consider:

    Economy Version

    1. Identify where to exit the drainage water. The best direction is away from incoming foot traffic. Exit drains make for mushy footing on tee slopes.
    2. Don’t add collector pipes, just exit each pipe onto the turf.
    3. Install the pipe at six foot intervals, perpendicular to the hole centerline. Backfill with stone if perforated pipe or drainage sand if perforated pipe with geofabric envelop.
    4. Slope the pipe at 1% or more. Try to go with the tee subgrade slope
    5. Install a rodent guard on the pipe ends to keep creatures out.

    Better version

    1. V-out the tee subgrade in line with hole centerline. Bottom of V about 2 feet from tee subgrade Slope to tee back 1%
    2. Add 4″ perforated pipe, exit to tee back.
    3. Fill cavity with crushed stone to desired tee subgrade
    4. Add tee mix and watch it drain nicely.

  2. john greenhill on ·

    Can you provide a plan view and end view sketch / drawing indicating the drainage type system for a tee box construction project.

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